New today: Rabbis talk about Christianity, Moral Monday field trip, bucking prayer rules

June 5, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 33:12-22Exodus 19:1-9aActs 2:1-11

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Boniface (Lutheran, Episcopal, and Catholic calendars), Johann KuhnauIsaac de Beausobre

New today from the Century

The other in Israel: Orthodox rabbis reckon with Christianity, by Mordechai Beck. One rabbi noted that almost all heads of U.S. churches have visited Israel. And many of them have rethought attempts to convert Jews.

Beginning to talk: An interview with Rabbi David Rosen, by Mordechai Beck. "While Israel has more interfaith activity pro-rata than anywhere else in the world, all such activity involves a tiny percent of the population."

My daughter's Moral Monday field trip, by Lee Hull Moses. My daughter doesn’t understand the complexities of teacher tenure, but she loves her teacher and she gets it when we talk about making sure the school has all the support it needs.

Bucking the rules of prayer, by Elizabeth Hagan. I took a break from prayer for many years in my twenties, at least serious prayer that is. I didn’t know how to follow all the rules anymore. I didn’t know if the rules really mattered.

In the news

Southern Baptists meet as membership, baptism decline continues

Is pulpit plagiarism on the rise? Some blame the Internet

In the CCblogs network 

Three things that pastors are, by Jeff Nelson


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