New today: The many Jobs, the Fifth Gospel, a horrible sermon

June 6, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 33:12-22Exodus 19:16-25Romans 8:14-17

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Ini Kopuria (Episcopal calendar), Norbert of Xanten and Marcellin Champagnat (Catholic calendar)

New today from the Century

The many Jobs, by Marti J. Steussy. C. L. Seow explores how the book of Job might have been understood by its original writers and audiences, and how we might look at it now.

Reading the Fifth Gospel, by Ruth Everhart. We listen to the Gospel stories and we long for a place close to Jesus, for his land, the Holy Land. But instead of talking about this, we argue politics.

The terrible horrible no good very bad sermon, by David Williams. Five minutes before worship, I put on robe and stole and cross, and opened my bag. Out came the sermon manuscript. It was a sermon. But it was not the sermon.

Platform pirating, by Carol Howard Merritt. In its best form, social media is a place for interactive and mutual support. In its worst, it can be a place where people try to find the biggest platform to take over.

Lou Carlozo reviews Paulinho Garcia's album Beautiful Love.

In the news

1 in 5 Americans see Bible as 'fables, legends, and history'


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