New today: Clickbait kitsch, images of Jesus in Memphis, children and loss

June 25, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 6Jeremiah 38:1-13Matthew 10:5-23

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Philipp Melanchthon (Lutheran calendar), James Weldon Johnson (Episcopal calendar), Franchinus GaffuriusAlfred Noyes

New today from the Century

Clickbait kitsch, by Kathryn Reklis. Several times a day, my Facebook feed invites me to cry, laugh, or feel amazed. I click almost every time.

Walking in Memphis with (images of) Jesus, by Edward Blum. To enter the downtown YMCA, one has to pass two Christ figures: the white marble Christus and Warner Sallman’s Head of Christ. Travel four miles east and one can witness very different images of Jesus.

Nothing is lost, by Rebecca Kirkpatrick. My son practiced for a week to sing the hymn "Nothing Is Lost on the Breath of God" in a memorial service for the son of our pastor, who had a miscarriage. He made comments every so often about how sad the song was and we talked about what the words meant.

Explaining decline, by Steve Thorngate. According to Rod Dreher, mainline churches are actively bringing about their own death by going all liberal. It's a familiar argument, especially coming from people who aren't that invested in mainline well-being in the first place.

A review of Shepherd: A Memoir, by Richard Gilbert

In the news

Breakaway Anglicans tap Atlanta bishop as new leader

Wild Goose Festival puts spotlight on visual arts

Two Baptist institutions with controversial leaders face accreditation trouble

In the CCblogs network 

Welcoming the stranger, by Kate Van Noord Kooyman

When life makes no sense: A lectionary reflection on Genesis 22:1-19, by Allan Bevere


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