New today: An Armenian American's dilemma of memory, the Civil Rights Act of 1964's history, Abraham's losses

June 23, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 6Micah 7:1-7Revelation 2:1-7

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Etheldreda (Audrey) (Catholic and Anglican calendars), Marie of Oignies (Catholic calendar), John Mill, Peter L. Pond

New today from the Century

Never forget, never tell: An Armenian American's dilemma of memory, by Rachel M. Srubas. My first trip to Turkey, the place where so many Armenian Christians were killed, found me in a land both strange to me and known in my bones.

Paul Harvey reviews Todd S. Purdum's book An Idea Whose Time Has Come. Purdum's work of journalistic history on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is ultimately a story about politicians doing the right thing.

Blogging the lectionary: All that Abraham has lost, by Heidi Haverkamp. Some thoughts on preaching the binding of Isaac.

Sometimes I don't want the church to change, either, by Jeff Nelson. Whenever something longstanding ends, it's hard to see it go. But there's another side to change: the need to live into something else.

Why the PC(USA) can grow because of marriage equality, by Carol Howard Merritt. Some in our denomintion think allowing for same-sex couples to have their union blessed means we're going to decline faster. If you're on a road to decline, don't you want to switch directions?

Lil Copan comments on Seeds of Harmony (series), by Jeff Kennel.

In the news

Growing coalition presses Obama to end policy on religious discrimination in hiring

Presbyterians narrowly vote to divest from 3 companies involved in Israeli/Palestinian conflict

Pope Francis condemns the ‘evil’ of legalizing drugs

In the CCblogs network 

Can I preach on slavery? by Evan D. Garner

Having a conversation about Israel, by David Williams


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