New today: Protestants and purgatory, church of the Roma, fixing the VA

June 3, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 99; Numbers 16:41-501 Peter 4:7-11

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: John XXIII (Lutheran calendar); Charles Lwanga and companions, also known as the Martyrs of Uganda (Lutheran, Episcopal, and Catholic calendars); Juan de ZumárragaWill D. Campbell

New today from the Century

The hard work of holiness: Protestants and purgatory, by John G. Stackhouse Jr. In this life, sanctification is gradual and difficult. Why would it be different in the life to come?

The church of the Roma, by Philip Jenkins. In Catholic Europe, Romani have long been faithful Catholics. They are devoted to the dark-skinned St. Sarah, believed to be a companion of the biblical Three Marys.

Fix the VA's problems, don't exploit them, by Steve Thorngate. The VA's problems are real and systemic. Taking them seriously means fixing them, not concluding that nothing will ever work because the government is bad at things.

How to ask for a favor from someone you only know on the Internet, by Carol Howard Merritt. As the rules of Internet engagement evolve, something that can get under a person's skin when it's not done well is asking for favors.

Ownership and stewardship, by Steve Woolley. Possessions come and go through our hands, there is little permanence to them. But that's not reassuring for some people.

In the news

Murfreesboro mosque fight laid to rest after Supreme Court ruling

Navy rejects request for first humanist chaplain

In the CCblogs network 

Why I am a feminist, by Beth Merrill Neel

Seasons of survivorship, by Carl Wilton


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