New today: Failure's value, prayers that question, Heaven Is for Real in history

May 7, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 134Exodus 24:1-11John 21:1-14

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Carl F. W. Walther (Lutheran calendar), Harriet Starr Cannon (Episcopal calendar), Agostino Roscelli (Catholic calendar), Antonio SalieriFlavia Domitilla

New today from the Century

Built on failure: The value of what we can’t comprehend, by Kathleen L. Housley. In science, when negative data isn’t reported, the result is a silence that silences. A life-saving drug or a new discovery may be missed.

How Heaven Is for Real shows trends in American religion, by Todd M. Brenneman. As a father, I was moved while viewing Heaven Is for Real. As a scholar, I had a different view of the movie.

Prayers that question, by Celeste Kennel-Shank. Alden Solovy’s prayers tap into a similar skill to that of chaplains—to listen deeply and attentively to a person’s struggles. But his prayers also do something that those in Christian prayerbooks rarely do.

Harold K. Bush reviews Salinger, by David Shields and Shane Salerno. J. D. Salinger can still pack a tremendous punch, and he still connects with the spiritual-seeker inclinations that are common among university students.

Not just hoops: Some thoughts on the ordination process, by Emily C. Heath. I’ve heard people saying that ordination is elitist, that the expectations are unreasonable, and that it’s a bureaucratic distraction from the work of the church. I disagree.

In the news

For NBA teams, religion can be unifying or divisive

Nigerian cardinal: Schoolgirls’ abduction is shameful

In the CCblogs network 

Look up. But still use your phone. by David Warkentin


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