New today: Disoriented by God, death penalty review, bicultural fiestas

May 6, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 134Proverbs 8:32-9:61 Peter 2:1-3

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: François de Laval and Evodius of Antioch (Catholic calendar)

New today from the Century

Disoriented by God, by Sarah Morice Brubaker. Sarah Coakley sees a deep correlation between sexual desire and longing for God. Both promise—or threaten—to invite disorder and disorientation.

Do just the good people have dignity? by Steve Thorngate. The president called Americans to consider “difficult and profound questions” about capital punishment. But who will lead our national review of whether we should be killing killers at all?

Trading meetings for fiestas, by Amy Frykholm. At our bicultural church’s parties, there's little for me to do except fill up my plate with food, compliment the chef, and sit back trying out my faulty Spanish. This is surprisingly difficult.

Safe at the foot of the fuzzy cross, by Ryan Dueck. I am in decent (or at least populous) company when I say that prayer is often hard for me. What does one do, after all, with the sheer weight of sadness, longing, and confusion that so many carry?

In the news

Cardinal Kasper, the ‘pope’s theologian,’ downplays Vatican blast at U.S. nuns

In the CCblogs network 

What to take along when you don't know where you are going, by Diane Roth

Midwives of our dreams, by Laura Kelly Fanucci


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