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Friday digest

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New today from the Century:

  • John Buchanan on his education in grief and pastoral care: "When I became a student pastor I had no idea what I was getting into. The first thing that happened after we moved into the tiny parsonage was that Johnny Johnson died." (subscription required)

  • Deb Bendis reviews David McCullough: In the 1830s, dozens of young Americans  were heading east instead of west, across the Atlantic to France. David McCullough immersed himself in their letters, diaries, lectures and memoirs and has shaped the material into a fine popular history of both individual travelers and the French era that they sailed into." (subscription required)

  • We are the Tumblrs: "If you haven't been following the conversation around Occupy Wall Street, it's perhaps best summarized in terms of the Tumblrs."

  • A pro-choice GOP frontrunner? "I don't normally go for gotchas based on political candidates' rambling improvisations. But this one is hard to ignore."


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