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Friday digest

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New today from the Century:

  • John Suk: "On a journey through North America, my wife and I attended many churches. At one the pastor insisted repeatedly that 'the meaning and purpose of life is to have a personal relationship with Jesus.' The claim irked me." (subscription required)

  • Amy Frykholm on sex trafficking and changing laws: "The first photo in the series was invariably of a young girl, maybe with a mischievous smile or a rebellious glare, but with a decided look of innocence. By the end of the series, that same face was battered, bloated and bruised."

  • I consider the Wal-Marting of Wal-Mart: "With consumers focused on thrift, the Dollar Palace is to Wal-Mart what Wal-Mart once was to Sears: the bargain alternative for folks with less to spend."

  • Victor Anderson reviews Willie James Jennings: "In modern imperialism, race, colonization and Christianity have been so embedded with one another that their connections have seemed natural, and Chris­tian theologians have participated in the construction of this imperialism. Willie James Jennings's book is a genealogy of their participation."

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