What I saw Sunday

August 2, 2011

On Sunday, I went to church.  I know, it's summer, and why would
you go to church in the summer? There's no Sunday school, and no choir,
and there are plenty of other things to do. At least, that seems to be
what several people think. But I am the pastor, and I was presiding,
so I went to church.

Here's what I saw there:

I saw a smile on the face of a woman who told me that she wanted to give
thanks for three years being cancer free.  I saw tears on the face of a
woman who wanted me to pray for the family of a friend of hers who died
last week.  I saw a teenager walk into the sanctuary by herself, sit
down by herself, and then move to sit down next to her mother's best
friend, and her friend's mother.  I saw a three year old boy run up to
the front of the church to get a small loaf of bread, and then run back
to his mother and father -- and then run up to the front of the church
again.  I saw an older woman give our contemporary pianist a hug.  I saw
him smile.

I saw a plastic bag of weeds next to the wooden church that holds prayer
concerns.  The note with the weeds said, "These reminded me of the
weeds that look like wheat, that we are not supposed to pull."

I saw little kids handing out small loaves of bread to people in the
congregation.  And then we began to sing, "Jesus lives again, earth can
breathe again, Pass the word around, Loaves abound!"

I saw the face of a four year old girl when I said the words, "The body
of Christ, given for you."  I saw a couple hug one another while singing
the hymn of the day, "Lord Whose Love in Humble Service."

I saw a woman in a wheelchair come up for the prayers and anointing
after the service.  When I asked her what she wanted me to pray for, she
said, "Pray for the church."

I do.  I pray for the church, the people of God, the ones who came and
sang and prayed and cried and laughed with us on Sunday.  I pray for the
ones who were not here, for whatever reason, whether they are travelling
or whether they are busy or whether they just can't figure out a reason
to be here with us.

Originally posted at Faith in Community.