This Is Only a Test, by Smoking Popes

Since recently reuniting, the Smoking Popes have been a different band from their 1990s heyday.

Kaivama, by Kaivama

Lutheran rocker Jonathan Rundman is nothing if not prolific. Here he teams with violinist Sara Pajunen to form Kaivama, a folk music duo that yields tasty instrumentals with a Finnish accent.

Other Doors, by Klang, and Aerial Age, by Vox Arcana

In a formidable jazz town like Chicago, musicians who populate the club scene one night grace the world's concert stages the next. Two new projects feature three of the city's best: drummer/percussionist Tim Daisy, clarinetist James Falzone and cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm.

The Secret Sisters, by The Secret Sisters

In a recent Chicago concert, these real-life sisters (Laura and Lydia Rogers) sounded like angelic apparitions channeled from the Grand Ole Opry circa 1955.

Best of Vegas, by Frank Sinatra

As the epitome of vocal cool and confidence, Frank Sinatra ruled the Las Vegas strip for more than two decades. This compilation draws on four of his best performances there between 1961 and 1987. In a 1966 recording, Old Blue Eyes is at his Rat Pack best on "I've Got You Under My Skin," with growling backup from Count Basie and his orchestra.