Young minds

Five-year-old Andy is in the shower looking for ways to use an entire bottle of blue, no-tears Aussie shampoo (the kind with the kangaroo on the bottle) without washing his hair. “I’m getting clean for Easter!” he calls out.

John, his 13-year-old brother, pops in: “Did you know that you have 2,000 red blood cells being replaced every second?” Me: “That’s pretty exciting.” John: “And I have probably 1,000.” Me: “That’s exciting, too.” John: “Maybe a humanologist could keep track of them—‘there goes another one.’”

Andy is singing in the shower, “I’m gonna make my garden grow!”

John pops back in: “You know, my Latin is helping me with my science, because I know why flagella is the plural of flagellum.”


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