Why bother to think?

One of the central characters in Berke Breathed’s wonderful comic strip Bloom County was a penguin named Opus. One day Opus decided he wanted to give up television and become more learned. As he walked up the steps of the “Publik Library,” Opus announced: “Attention, dark world of electronic gratification . . . I would like to announce my intellectualization! No more tv! No boob tube-a-roo! ‘Twas turning my noodle to video goo! Yes, there’s something much better for smart chaps like me . . . From what I have heard, it’s known as ‘to read’! Books! I’ll read books! Be they large or quite dinky! Straight from the shelves all musty and stinky! Faulkner! O’Neill! Twain and Saul Bellow! . . . I think I’ll curl up with a few of those fellows! Yes, I’ll soon be well-read! Such a fab thing to be! I’ve allowed plenty of time, at least an hour . . . or three.”


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