Remembering who we are

Sunday, October 8

Psalm 8

"We have forgotten who we are. We have sought only our own security, we have exploited simply for our own ends, we have distorted our knowledge, we have abused our power.” So reads the proclamation of the UN Environmental Sabbath Program.

We have forgotten who we are. And who are we? According to Psalm 8, we are at the same time entirely insignificant in the context of all creation and of utter importance to the God who created it all. We are so tiny. “The days of our life are 70 years, or perhaps 80, if we are strong” (Ps. 90:10a). The stars keep twinkling long after we are gone. The waves of six oceans will come rolling in tomorrow just like they did yesterday and the day before and a millennium ago. A new day will dawn whether we are here to call it a “sunrise” or not. We are nothing in comparison with the grandeur and longevity of it all. We are specks in the context of time and history and creation


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