Cosmic shifts

If you were around any of the years in this chronology you probably didn’t notice—I didn’t—the instant effect of the following:

1944—first automatic, general purpose digital computer;

1951—first commercial use of computer, Univac;

1954—first practical silicon transistors;

1959—Texas Instruments invents Microchip;

1964—IBM sets up the first big operating system, OS/360;

1969—first commercial on-line service, Compuserve;

1969—beginnings of the Internet, ARPA-NET;

1975—Microsoft founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen;

1981—first IBM personal computer, MS-DOS;

1984—Apple develops Macintosh PC with a mouse;

1989—development of World Wide Web begins;

1990—laptops (I did notice that right off);

1992—general release of www. browser;

1994—Netscape Communications, dominant browser.


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