Breaking and entering

Sunday, March 18

Luke 13:1-9

In the little Georgia country church of my childhood, there was a story the older folks loved to tell again and again, laughing over it and savoring it and embellishing it. The tale involved a certain Sunday night in October 1938. Evening prayer services were in full swing when a man named Sam, a member of the congregation who lived down the road from the church, charged into the prayer meeting trembling with fear and excitement. Finally gaining the breath to speak, he shouted, “Martians are attacking the earth in spaceships! Some of ’em have already landed in New Jersey!” The preacher halted in midsentence; the congregation stared at Sam blankly. “I s-s-swear,” he stammered, now a little unsure of his footing. “I h-h-heard it on the radio.”


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