Already avant-garde

The church regularly gets criticized for being behind the times. Let the culture come up with something and, in time, churches follow, critics say. Let there be rock music and 30 years later there is Christian rock. The secular culture invents horror films and 50 years later evangelicals follow with Christian horror films.

Instead of taking such criticism lying down, some of us have begun to take action, to make counterclaims. This week I have evidence that, when it comes to furnishings, the church has led the way.

Anyone who attends church knows what I’m talking about. Consider:

Pews: They look and feel as if they were made to be uncomfortable. Children slide off them, adults complain of their hardness, and even pillowed ones make our backs hurt.

Pulpits: Preachers, have you ever preached in one in which the shelf is actually big enough to hold a manuscript?


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